Payne County Stockyards

Ranching is romantic in the way the lifestyle - the long hours, heavily starched denim, animal and land stewardship - comes before nearly all other things in life. It's one of the only industries in which your lifestyle is your business and your business is your lifestyle. 

For ranchers, tracking commodity prices and knowing when to take your livestock to market is a natural extension of your day job. In a digital world, making it easier for local ranchers to connect with their local stockyards and ensuring the local stockyards is competitive is imperative.

The Project: Website Build

Build a website for the hometown stockyards? Put me in, coach.

It was imperative the site be user friendly for both the visitor ... and for the individual making updates to the market report and events sections. 

Knowing the goal (in this case: showcasing the weekly market report) and working backwards allowed us to create a cohesive dot com reflective of central Oklahoma's premier livestock exchange.